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    Demerits System


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    Demerits System Empty Demerits System

    Post  Arod2 on 28/07/08, 04:08 pm

    Ok This Topic is About the Demerit System. Demerits are like little things that we give out to people when they do something against the rules. The list of Things to do to get demerits is listed below:

    Bullying/Flaming: 40-70 Demerits
    Hacking Accounts: Ban-Permanent Ban (Depends on what you do with the account you hack)
    Triple Posting: 10-20 Demerits
    Stealing Sprites: 30-50 Demerits
    Virus Posting: Permanent IP Ban
    Giant Signature: 10-15 Demerits
    Alternate Accounts: 75 Demerits
    Advertising Outside of The Advertising Section: 20-25 Demerits
    Post Spamming: 20-30 Demerits
    Porno or Malicious Link Posting: 75 Demerits-Ban
    Posting giant sprite sheets: 10-20 demerits depending on size!
    That's all the Amounts of Demerits given for doing certain things that are inappropriate. Feel Free to suggest any other punishments for doing something wrong by Pming me.

    Thank you,

    Arod lol!

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