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    Explosion Threat


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    Explosion Threat

    Post  Arod2 on 06/11/08, 07:01 pm

    This is an Original RPG that I have just come up with, It will be amazing!!!! I hope you like the storyline.

    There once was a peaceful, and amazing place named Flaxinville. It was a town that was inside the state of Virginia, in the United States of America. So, One day, There was a humongous problem that came to Flaxinville, VA. There were three happy villagers who were taking a walk down the path towards another Village. They were walking and then they heard to men in gray robes, talking about a plot to set a bomb off in the town square of Flaxinville. They were to do this during the next town meet. So, the villagers quickly ran back to the village, they told the mayor, and when they left the mayor's office, there was a huge bomb in the middle of the town square. The timer on the bomb was ticking. It said that there were only 23 hours left until the bomb was going to explode and destroy Flaxinville! Then the villagers decided to send a few of the heros of the village to find out how to stop the bomb from destroying Flaxinville. The Villager(s) would leave Flaxinville shortly....

    Name: Thomas

    Species: Human

    Nickname: Tk

    Weapons: None.

    Powers/Abilities: Shoot Fire and Ice.

    Weaknesses: Water.

    Appearence: Short, Black haired ten year old with a white shirt and jeans.

    Backstory: *Unknown*

    "Come on! Is there anyone else who is brave enough to come with me?" Tk complained.

    wee This smiley is just epic win.

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