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    Pms (Private Messages)


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    Pms (Private Messages) Empty Pms (Private Messages)

    Post  Arod2 on 28/07/08, 07:36 pm

    Ok so Arod2 here and I am gonna give you the inside scoop on Pms or Private Messages.

    What are PMs?

    Well, Pms are ways to talk to your friends on the forums. It's a very good way to contact and talk privately so no one but you and the person your talking to can see what your typing or telling eachother.

    How do I Pm?

    Well it's easy. All you have to do is look at someone's profile and there is a black button that says PM. Click on it and then type your pm.

    What can I do on Pms?

    Well, you can show someone an image by simply typing the words Pms (Private Messages)  and then when you done with the URL of the image you put . It's easy. Also you can put smileys in the Pms like add them as if you were posting.

    Thats all there is to say so see ya.


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