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    one more thing

    silver ike

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    one more thing

    Post  silver ike on 17/09/08, 07:49 am

    this a story i made, it has some of your characters yet i did'nt copy sprites or ideas....well here it is

    in the village of you-know-what-is-going-to-not-happen-in-2092, the village is hosting its 10567th 'eat roast hedgehog day'. when suddenly, the clouds turn green and a giant flea emerges from the clouds and it starts to stick to the ground.

    people throw their food at it but it eats what they throw. a boy/thing, named tyzonn emerges in body armour with his friends, ninjamen wraith and z, thomas, rick( even though hes the distraction), anx, nights and burn. together they make ' the chaos patrol' * plays trumpet*. rick stands in front of the flea and juggles while the others form the super blaster out of their weapons, after rick is done " distracting" he hands in his weapon, wich is the ammo and bam see ya flea.

    everyone says " YOYZZA ".

    to be continued..................................................!


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    Re: one more thing

    Post  X-plode on 17/10/08, 07:50 pm

    just Night not plural.

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